I enjoy programming as a hobby.


I'm fondly interested in embedded and graphics programming.

I know C, C++, Perl, Go, and some Lua. I pick up new languages pretty easily.

I generally prefer working with low-level design, however, I am comfortable doing frontend programming.

I also like reverse engineering things, as shown with my Doko Demo Issyo Reverse engineering project.

I am currently typing this in GNU Emacs, which I have a love-hate relationship with. I used JOE (with Emacs bindings) for many years before switching to GNU Emacs. It took a bit of tweaking to get comfortable.

I use Gentoo on my desktop, and Arch on my laptop. My server is running OpenBSD. Occasionally I am using Windows.

I used to do some web programming when I was younger. I've since moved away from web development, but I still have a few tricks up my sleves.

Series of tubes

My Telegram is @swagtoys.

On Libera and Rizon, send a message to swagtoy.

I have a GitHub, but I only really use it for contributions and mirrors.

Shoot me an email at  me [ a t ] the current domain!

I don't use social media. You won't find me anywhere.